Nord Enllà el musical

At the end of 2019 I set myself the challenge of composing a rock opera. I contacted my relative and great musician David Pujade who enlisted immediately. During the 2020 confinement we shaped the work and decided to turn it towards a solidarity musical Continue reading…

A Prop

A Prop” is without a doubt my most intimate and personal album of the six released so far. After ten years of compositions influenced by the classics of American folk and universal rock, it is the happy encounter with the desired sound. Read more…

Acces Obert

My language is Catalan and I think a song always responds to a part of oneself, so I have worked over a year on a record that is for sure much more intimate, authentic and emotional, when words and music are been composed by myself. The title reflects the fact that the music is feeling and Open Access to life, to emotion, to love, to be yourself, to laugh, to mourn, to live in final. Read more…

In the seventies, Eloy Pardo (Still Morris) versioned classic rock with his band but acted alone emulating the divas of the “nova cançó”, Lluis Llach, Quico Pi de la Serra, Raimon, Ovidi Montllor, etc. Continue reading->

Second Hand Rain

They say the third time’s the charm. It is possible that those who understand this point to the satisfaction of those who have worked on this, that this is definitely the best recorded work to date. Continue reading ->

Mi second álbum

Encouraged by an excellent first experience I decided to start work on a second album, one more carefully planned, elaborate and personal. A more authentic Still Morris in the rough..

That is how Face To face came to be, with new melodies and new songs, this time around written exclusively by myself, with the support of Pepe Milán on production and musical arrangements; Xavier Escutia as a songwriter and lyricist and Dani Magaña helping me on a creative level… Continue reading ->

Una canción en catalán

Voldria, my first song composite, sung and recorded in Catalan. Compose and sing in my mother tongue was something I had pending. With this simple, of a song, that wish comes true and open… Continue reading…

My first album

Now I know, my first album, came to be in the summer of 2008 almost by chance. My original aim, when I entered Toni Noguera’s studio that summer, was to record a couple of songs which I had written some thirty years before for my own enjoyment. My friend, Angel Cubero, supported me in the adventure.

We were pleasantly surprised by the outcome and Angel, Toni and Dani Magaña (another close friend) encouraged me to write more songs. In this friendly ambience, we were joined by musicians… Continue reading ->

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