Accés Obert

After the three previous albums in English, compounds together with the collaboration of other musicians basically what makes the lyrics so. John Tirado and Xavier Escutia wrote most of them, also signing songs.

The title reflects the fact that music is feeling and open access to life, to emotion, to love, to be yourself to laugh, to mourn, to live in final.

My language is Catalan and I think a song always responds to a part of yourself, so after disc, encouraged by many people around me, I worked for a year on a record that is far from all all more intimate, authentic and emotional, being the lyrics and music composed by myself.

I feel that everything I had done so far was a kind of shooting to get find my place and this is reflected in Accés Obert . It should also be added that the production has been carried out in conjunction with Tolo Servera , which makes the product more own if possible.

Accés Obert

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