(Español) Regreso a los orígenes

We continue to open new projects, with new collaborations. At the moment we can’t reveal many details yet, but it’s sure to surprise. Both the collaborations and the projects themselves. The illusion, desire and enthusiasm do not cease and are as fresh as always. We keep moving forward.

Soon we will be able to give you more news about it. For the moment and in the day to day, focused on new compositions and acoustic boluses that you will be able to consult in the home page. Back to the origins.

In the gap

We have been a year of concerts and events presenting “Accés Obert”, which has led us to tour several Catalan-speaking cities.

Also in this period we have launched a new video clip “Al teu Costat”, with the collaboration of good friends that you can see in the Youtube.

Now, having moved from residence to Valencia, I’m once again composing songs without the greatest intention to continue enjoying and giving free rein to what has become my greatest hobby. I collaborate with Tolo Servera that continues as a producer and I have the invaluable help of the band that has accompanied me in recent months, Charly, Julio, Xavi and Pere.

In short new band concert and some acoustic ones in order not to rust.
We will be publishing some new songs like this week that we have released “Quatre Ànimes”.

Thank you all, we’re moving on.

Still Morris.cat

After the last concert, the summer break and the publication and presentation of my book “Cambio de Ritmo”, we approach the month of December with news; a new album in catalan called “StillMorris.cat”.

An EP of six songs sung in my native language, catalán. With a version of the previously published “Voldria”, a song by Lluís Llach and four unreleased tracks. Everything is recorded and mastered and in a few days it took to record. ¡Hope you like it!

As for new direct, we will close the tour of Second Hand Rain. It will be later this November. We will take a short break, butyou can follow us for a few gambling dens of the islands, with some upcoming performances, not to chill too with winter approaching.


Fever composer do not stop, we’re working with Tolo Servera and Xavi Escutia on new themes for 2015. New album? Let’s see what happen.
Ah! and welcome to the live band Toni Trobat who replaced Jose Infantes on bass. The reason? Jose travels to Madrid to live, good luck in your way and welcome Mr. Toni. A bass master leaves and another arrives. Let’s go!

Costello Club, Madrid

We continue on route presenting Second Hand Rain with the band, if we highlight a recent concert we have been doing from Barcelona,  that’s Costello – ​​Madrid. Tickets sold out, good atmosphere, better sound and a night to remember. Thank Madrid, thanks to Costello and and over all the ones who came. We will come back.
And now preparing and Menorca and Valencia.

(Español) Resumen Barcelona

(Español) Still Morris vuelve a Barcelona

New live shows

We have initiated a number of new shows, presenting the new songs included in the latest album “Second Hand Rain”. Early experience has been quite rewarding, fantastic. The band has enjoyed playing together and that emotion has been passed to the public. In “Es Gremi”, Palma, November 8, the official presentation of the album took place. We enjoy a great atmosphere, good input and good vibe on stage. A great night stay to remember.

After a couple of acoustic shows in duo with Xavier Escutia, more intimate spaces, now prepare one of the highlights of our tour, Sala Bikini in Barcelona. It will be on January 10th. I waited there, we’ll give everything on the stage.

The new album is here!

After an intense year of work we have here the new album. Second Han Rain is a production of which we are deeply satisfied. The musical composition and arrangements have been done by Tolo Servera, the lyrics belong to Xavier Escutia, executive producing and recording also by the same Tolo, mixing has claimed responsibility Toni Noguera and mastering the incomparable Hay Zeelen. So I’m back to being surrounded by a team of first division.

Edited through Blau / Dismedi and Warner Chappel Music.

We shot a video for the single clip in the form of crowfunding has been a success. Thanks again to those who have opted for it.

We now have many ongoing projects and NEW TOUR! which starts on November 8 in Palma – Es Gremi of later visit Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Ibiza, Menorca, etc.

Third recording project is underway!

Hello friends,

A new career and a new milestone is in sight. The third recording project of Still Morris has started to become a reality. It’s underway!

This time I have two luxury partners, first and as always in the letters is working Xavier Escutia. Those who already has you captivated with his stories sure you will love the new texts.

In the musical, a real prize for me, production is carried out by Tolo Servera that after finishing his latest work with Tomeu Penya, has turned to this new project. The recording, which has already started, will perform substantially in their studies so that in a few months we will have the first results.

Thank you all. We will keep you informed.